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"In my time with the Whalers, I learned many things about baseball and being a good teammate. I made amazing friends and began to understand the elite part of baseball. Kieran (Black) helped me to be accomplish my goals and now I'm committed to the University of New Haven. I could've never done it without him or this great organization." - Brandon Cruz

"I've been playing for the Whalers since I was in the 7th grade. They've helped me take my game to the collegiate level (Sacred Heart University). I've also made a lof of new friendships over the years and I plan on keeping those friendships for a long time. I've enjoyed my time with the Whalers. It's the type of team every kid should play for." - Alex Perry

"I would like to say that without the Long Island Whalers my son Peter (Dombrowski) would not be signed to play baseball for SUNY Maritime. His coach Kieran Black made it all possible! His persistence, patience, kindness and skills have propelled my son onto the collegiate level of baseball. This organization clearly cares about their players! As a parent words cannot express my gratitude!" - Rosemarie Gardner

"This past summer my son Dylan joined the Whalers. He was coming off a great junior year but we were new to the college recruiting process. A friend introduced us to Coach Black. The Whalers and especially Coach Black told me not to worry and that he would take care of everything. The Whalers exceeded my expectations. Dylan is now on a full tuition scholarship to Binghamton thanks to them. They are a great organization who welcomed him with open arms and treated him like he had played for them for years. I can't thank them enough for their help and the classy way they handle themselves. I would recommend the Whalers to anyone who wants to see their child play at the collegiate level." - Rich Stock

"Coming to the Whalers was one of the best baseball decisions I’ve made. Looking back, starting out on the "B" team was also very important. It showed me how hard I had to work in order to get better. This past summer was one of the best in my baseball career. I have made so many friends in this organization that go beyond baseball. My coaches were all very helpful and I will take what I learned with me throughout college. This organization really changed my life." - Adam Heidenfelder

"In a nutshell, Brandon was a man of his word. Changing to the Long Island Whalers organization was the best decision our son made up until the point that he chose a college (St. Thomas Aquinas) to continue his baseball journey. Brandon treated my son like an adult and gave him an opportunity to play for a team where he could grow as a pitcher and a person. He was able to raise his game by playing against stiff competition and being coached by people who encouraged him to succeed. Brandon and his staff also played a crucial role in the college search. I would highly recommend Brandon's organization for any player looking to get to the collegiate level." - Steven Helft